Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance is a class of Insurance designed to cover a commercial enterprise against all claims that may be made against the business as it carries out it daily commercial activities. Without Commercial Liability covers in force a business would have to manage, defend and pay for all costs and damages awarded against it for the damages, loss and injury to a claimant.

Commercial Liability Insurance provides protection that can cover all risks of claims from the public, employees, clients, customers or the State. Liabilities are events for which the trader, business, partnership, company or commercial enterprise can be held liable and damages and costs awarded against them.

Commercial Liability Insurance consists of a range of optional covers designed for all risks and eventualities, however a policy will always have as its most basic cover Public Liability Insurance.
Additonally Employers Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Liability Insurance can be added to UK Commercial Insurance policies, where required.

Commercial Liability Insurance Types

Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability protects the business against claims from members of the public. Public Liability Insurance cover extends to all actions for which staff, machinery, equipment and buildings may cause damage or loss to a member of the public at any place of work.

Employers Liability Insurance
Employers Liability is a legal requirement if you employ staff even on a part-time or temporary basis. Employers Liability Insurance protects the business against claims from its staff and employees who may be injured or suffer loss in the course of carrying out their duties.
It is usually charged pro-rata on each staff member by turnover and offers a blanket cover of £10,000,000 to cover claims brought against a company by one of its employees for any one event. Temporary employee cover can be added where required.

Products Liability Insurance
Products Liability is a type of public liability insurance that covers a business against claims from the public for faulty goods or parts that the business has supplied, that have caused loss. Commercial Insurance packages available at UK Commercial Insurance usually offer a blanket cover of £10,000,000 indemnity to cover Shops, Distributors and Manufacturers and other commercial product suppliers.

Company Directors Liability Insurance
Also known as Directors & Officers Insurance or D & O insurance, this covers both the civil and criminal liabilities that company directors, principals or those responsible might face if held personally and criminally reponsible for negligence by a civil or criminal court in the UK.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Professional Indemnity is a type of liability insurance that covers employeees and the business for any professional advice that might be given during the course of your business activities and that later proves to be negligent, leading to loss or injury by a third party. If the advice is proved in Court to be negligent, the business could face large damages and costs for law suits, for which Professional Indemnity Insurance cover provides various flexible levels of indemnity.

All types of Commercial Liability Insurance are available to compare and purchase online at UK Commercial Insurance. Standalone and combined liabilities are available for all business types and commercial enterprises, defined by activity.

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