Public Liability Insurance

All businesses and enterprises require public liability insurance if they physically deal with members of the public. This includes all visitors to the business premises, clients at their own property, and the public on the street.
Public Liability Insurance protects a business against claims of all types from members of the public and provides cover for costs and awards.
Without public liability cover in force a business would be at risk of having to pay damages and costs out of its own funds, should a member of the public be injured or suffer a material loss as a result of negligence by a member of the business, and the case proceeded to court.

Public liability is available online for all businesses including sole traders working part time from home, up to medium sized limited companies with up to fifty staff.
All commercial insurance packages and combined business insurance policies have public liability insurance as the basic cover for business protection.

Public liability can be bought as standalone cover or combined with other business risks.
The minimum amount of cover available online is £1 million and can be increased in multiples up to a maximum of £10 million for small business public liability insurance. Many companies require contractors and sub-contactors to have a minimum of £2 million public liability cover in place.

Recommended cover limits vary by trade or profession and consequently so do premiums.

Each individual trade or profession is likely to have it’s own particular risks and dangers that could potentially injure or cause loss to members of the public.
Therefore public liability tends to be priced by the business trade type and each type offers slight variations of cover and exclusions to cover.


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